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SRS Shaft & Blade Repair System

We repair one-piece sticks (shafts or blades) using the SRS stick repair system.

I will provide a fast turn around and expert service.

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Have a favorite pair of gloves?
Have nothing but tape holding them on?

Glove  Repalming

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Goalie Helmet Refurbish/Repair


It's a great time for Skate Inspection & Tune-Up


Expert Skate Sharpening
Rivets as Needed
One Pair Cloth Laces



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composite sticks at wooden stick prices

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Services Available at Nicoletti Hockey

One Piece Stick Repair
Specializing in Pro Stock Sticks
Glove Repalming
Conversion of Ice Skates to Roller & Roller to Ice
Steel and Plastic Holder Repairs
Rivet Repairs
Custom Boot Fitting
Waterproofing of Figure Skates
Custom Jersey Lettering, Logos & Numbers

Team Managers & Coaches

Shaft Repair & Skate Sharpening Offer


Tired of throwing away $
250 to $350 composite sticks? The SRS System is the answer. Check out the SRS System at

For a limited time, Nicoletti Hockey will donate back $5.00 off of the cost of a shaft repair to your team. The cost of this repair is $46.25 + tax. With every ten sticks repaired, Nicoletti Hockey will reimburse your team $50. You must have ten sticks repaired to receive your $50 donation check.

See Joe Nicoletti at Nicoletti Hockey Complex OR call us 215-331-9979

All repairs are done on site at the Nicoletti Hockey Complex in Tacony and are guaranteed not to break where it was repaired. We have been doing these repairs for several years now and are the ONLY franchised repair station on the East Coast.

We’re sure you’ll be more than satisfied.

Expert Skate Sharpening
Rated the Number 1 Skate Sharpening Facility
by our Customers

We know your ROH (radius of hollow).

The correct hollow varies from skater to skater and is dependant on weight, activity, personal preference & ice conditions. A smaller radius (or deeper hollow) such as 3/8th of an inch facilitates sharper edge and deeper penetration into the ice. A larger radius (a more shallow hollow) such as 1 inch, facilitates skating on top of the ice.
Most skates are somewhere in between.

We also offer Flat-Bottom Dressing
as well as Custom Radius Sharpening.

Flat-Bottom Dressing offers the trade-off between "bite & glide"
It reduces the area between the flat portion of the skate blade and the ice.
This reduces the build-up of ice, snow and water and improves glide.

And remember;
avoid last minute sharpening by getting it done well before you have to use your skates.

"You should never have to accept convenience over competence"

Hockey Skate Sharpening Club

10 sharpenings x $10 = $100
10 sharpening with card $75
You save $25

5 sharpenings x $10 = $50
5 sharpenings with card $40
You save $10

Figure Skate Sharpening Club

10 sharpenings x $15 = $150
10 sharpenings with card $120
You save $30

5 sharpenings x $15 = $75
5 sharpenings with card $65
You save $10

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Free Skate Sharpening for Referees
Just bring in a broken, repairable composite stick
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